User feedback made

accessible. actionable. understandable. insightful. collaborative.

Our tools help you build user-centric products.

How does it work?


Record your conversations

Record your conversations with users using Zoom, Hangouts, or phone.


Analyse & discover insights

Automatic transcription and annotation tools help you discover patterns and find insights.


Get single user view

Share audio, transcriptions & insights with your teams to always be on the same page.

Your users are your guides to the future. Your data only shows your past performance.

To continue to innovate, you need to anticipate your users' needs. UserFocus helps you analyse their pain points, needs & requirements.

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Built for product people

to make your life freer

Product Managers

Analyze user conversations swiftly without the need of specialized user testing software. Align teams by sharing insights with your designers and engineers. Build a product with user needs at the center.


Validate designs with your users over Zoom with ease and speed. Analyze user feedback and iterate quickly. Align your team with real insights from real users.


Quickly transcribe, tag and code your user interviews. Export the data into Airtable or Excel for deeper analysis. Save hundreds of hours in going back and forth between recordings, transcripts, code and comments.

Knowing your users

is the foundation to building great products

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